Saturday, September 15, 2012

Court Issues Permanent Injunction against NDAA, Regime Will Ignore Court

In an article posted at Monachus Lex, John Pierce tells us that a Judge has issued a permanent injunction against the National Defense Authorization Act. Go read the whole article. By the way, I found the article courtesy of Keep and Bear Arms, an indispensable site that should be on every one's daily reading list.

The NDAA is a bill that is passed every year, to actually authorize the spending that is approved by the appropriations process. I have no problem with authorization in general. What I find reprehensible, and lawless is a key provision of this year's bill that authorizes the indefinite detainment of American citizens anywhere in the world, including on American soil, without a warrant, without charges, and presumably without habeas corpus. The bill was passed by a majority of 86 senators, including McCain, Lindsay Grahamnesty, Marco Rubio, Burr...well, you can read it for yourself. How could so many supposedly freedom loving Republicans vote for such a monstrosity? Who were they aiming for with such a broad brush? Since the law allows individuals to be detained indefinitely, without being charged and without benefit of a lawyer, how do we know that the provisions of the NDAA have not already been used?

That the regime intends to ignore the Court's permanent injunction is yet more worrisome. Just as God's covenant with Abraham was binding on both God and man, so the Government can not exempt itself from the law. In this case, a duly authorized court has ruled against it. It may appeal to a higher court, but it can not simply ignore the ruling. Otherwise, it risks setting anarchy in motion.


  1. "Otherwise, it risks setting anarchy in motion."

    I believe that ship has already sailed, and the behemoth is out of control.

  2. Rev. Paul,
    You may be correct, though from here it looks like we are not in full anarchy mode yet. But who knows with QE3 coming down the pike.

    God Bless,