Wednesday, September 19, 2012

We Live in Two Separate Countries

Much is being made of the incestuous relationship between the DOJ and Media Matters. The Daily Caller rightfully has the scoop, as they were the ones who placed the FOIA request. Some of the specific e-mails mention Mike Vanderboegh by name, one of the citizen journalists, along with David Codrea, who brought the Fast and Furious scandal to the world's attention.

Mike decided to e-mail back to Media Matters blogger Matthew Gertz. Mike Vanderboegh of the Sipsey Street Irregulars is ever a good writer, and an excellent story teller, might I even say a racontuer, and his response to Matt Gertz of Media Matters is telling. The relevant portion is here:
I note with interest your 2 November 2011 statement to the DOJ wicked witch of cover-ups, Tracy Schmaler, that I'm "about three inches away from being an insurrectionist." I think you need a new ruler. It is not insurrection to resist a nascent collectivist tyranny which is itself in insurrection against the Constitution and the Founder's Republic. I am a fighter for Restoration, not insurrection. Of course it is silly to pretend that we share a country anymore. The inhabitants of your country believe that the people should serve the government, whereas we believe with the Founders that government should serve the people. Like I said, two different countries.
The emphasis is mine.  It is possible that you might read past this little, elegant passage, and miss its importance.  One of the themes to come out of the Democratic National Convention this year was the notion that Government is the only thing we all belong to. Again, you could miss the ominousness of this slogan if you equate, as you are intended to, the government with such voluntary memberships as the Masons or the Lion's Club. But make no mistake, they are trying to suggest that you and I belong to government.  The Founders' vision, on the other hand, intended for government to belong to you and me.  The difference could not be more profound, and the stakes could not be higher.

If you and I belong to government, then government can do whatever it wants with us.  The owner of a thing can use it, or dispose of it as he pleases.  It is this notion that somehow the government owns us that led, for example, to laws on the books that permitted the sterilization of the "unfit" and of disapproved racial groups. At the link, you can go to the individual States to see the horrors perpetrated by the collectivists in your State. You can only imagine what a government who thinks it owns you might have in store when you are no longer able to work and supply the State with its mother's milk, taxes. But the President already gave you the answer, take a pain pill and go home (to die already.)

Mike speaks of a "nascent collective tyranny."  Perhaps, but it has its foot "pedal to the metal" to complete that tyranny as fast as possible.  Already, the Congress has been made somewhat irrelevant, with the help of Majority Leader Harry Reid.  The House can pass what it wants, but it will never see a floor vote in the Senate, which leaves Obama free, in his own mind, to rule by Executive Order.  One man rule may be defined as a functioning dictatorship, call it what you will.  One wonders when we will be required to give the fascist salute whenever two people meet.

The Founders left us with a Constitution that put much of the social and cultural affairs of the nation out of reach of the Federal government, leaving most of that to the States, or to the people. It was a relatively weak government of limited powers. This November we will have a choice, though not the choice I would have wanted.  On the one hand, you can continue down the path of "nascent collectivist tyranny" or you can choose to begin rebuilding the Constitution.  Of course, keep your powder dry, and your stocks of food and ammunition up.  this will be a long fight, perhaps a generational fight.  It will require more than just voting of course.  But it is a fight worth having: either the government owns us, or we own the government.  Take your pick.

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  1. "The difference could not be more profound, and the stakes could not be higher."

    That's the core truth in a nutshell.