Wednesday, September 5, 2012

Your Hypocrisy is showing there, Dems

Brietbart has a piece up noting that The DNC Requires IDs to Enter the Convention. The fact that the DNC requires an ID to enter their Convention, but insists that to require a State issued ID to vote is to burden the process too much is rich with irony.

Whenever, and wherever States have tried to put in place minimum standards for proving that a person is who he (or she) says he is, Democrats and the the self appointed people who purport to speak for various minority groups wail, and gnash their teeth, and practially sit in sack cloth and ashes as they claim it will cause too great a burden on some minority groups and suppress their votes. The media seem mighty incurious about who these people are, where they are, how many of them there are, and what their circumstances might be. Perhaps we can make accommodations. But since the only thing anyone will tell us is that these laws will suppress minority votes, one is left to think that they Democrats here are...well...dissembling.

A long established principle in our Republic is the idea of one person, one vote. If someone somewhere gets to vote twice, then his to votes may well disenfranchise the vote of one who followed the rules. Certainly minorities who are eligible to vote should be given access to the voting booth, but neither should anyone else be denied access by virtue of fraudulent votes. If the Democrats really wanted free and fair elections, they would propose an alternative way for voting officials to tell if someone who comes in to vote is indeed the person he says he is. Here is a video from Project Veritas showing numerous cases of voter fraud, illegal aliens voting, people voting more than once, and officials who don't seem to care. Here is a video of Mr. O'Keeffe asking for, and receiving Eric Holder's ballot. It does happen, and results is election fraud on a wide scale.

Interestingly, most States require ID to drink alcohol. Motels require it to check in. Anyone buying a gun has to show ID and not only prove who they are, but that they have no criminal background. The Second Amendment is a Constitutionally protected right. I don't think voting is.

Some people point out that both sides do it. Hmmm. Oh yes, this is the moral equivalency argument. So, if both sides do it, it must be alright, is that it? Well, no, it is not alright. First of all, the purpose of elections is to obtain a actual rendering of the peoples will. As it stands, nobody knows for sure that anybody who is elected to office actually represents the people of the district that elected him, or if instead he represents the will of fraudulent voters.

Of course, voter fraud isn't the only thing we need to ensure free and fair elections. As Fox News has pointed out, we also need to ensure that our voting machines can not be hacked, or at least that it is more difficult than this to do it We should of course do something about our voting machines, but at the same time, we also need to clean up the voting rolls and ensure equal access to the voting booth.

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