Tuesday, September 11, 2012

The Truth about Fast and Furious

Anthony Martin at the Examiner today has an article entitled Former Agent Reveals All on ATF's Fast and Furious Ultimate Goal. And it looks like the ultimate goal of Fast and Furious was as we have said all along, to eliminate American's gun rights.  Are you surprised?  I am not.

The notion of a "botched operation" as the mainstream media would have it, has never made sense to me.  But when you add the number of agents willing to blow the whistle, I smell a rat.  Disgruntled employees rarely get together and hatch a conspiracy that involves the entire chain of command in a potentially illegal scheme that will send them to prison for life.  Indeed, I have never seen it happen.  Oh, a disgruntled employee can take up a lot of a manager's time answering to the Equal Employment Opportunity Commission about why you did this or that to that employee.  But having a number of them, all corroborating each other, with a grand conspiracy?  That is unheard of.

I recommend you read Anthony Martin's article, and then carefully consider whom you are going to vote for in November.  It really does make a difference.

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  1. It matters indeed. Thank you for staying on top of this.