Saturday, October 13, 2012

Creeping Socialism

For those who don't know what socialism is like in actual practice, I have often suggested you read accounts of it from people who lived through it in Eastern Europe and the Soviet Union. Some people seem to believe a little socialism is perhaps needed in our society.  In fact, we have more than a little socialism.  But of course, a little socialism is never enough, and eventually we have the entire package.  That has been the goal of the Progressives all along.

I have featured a few people lived through socialism and miraculously became refugees here in the United States. Now comes Virginia Prodan with an article at the American Thinker entitled Socialism: Against Gold, Guns, and God. Ms. Prodan lived during the reign of Ceaucescu in Romania, and escaped to the United States. What she sees going on now looks to her like another reign of a failed ideology: socialism. You have all the hallmarks, including a cult like leader, a belief in social justice and "fairness," taxing the "rich" who should pay their "fair share." Given another four years, we will not be able to recognize this country anymore. I recommend you read the whole piece. Meanwhile, I will attend the movie Atlas Shrugged II, written by another refugee from Communism. Update: Also listen to this Hungarian born billionaire talking about the effects of socialism on his native country.

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