Sunday, October 28, 2012

John Allen Muhammad to be Executed Tuesday

Perhaps it is in an American newspaper, but I read it in the UK Telegraph. The Telegraph has the story, unattributed, that the Washington sniper, John Allen Muhammad is to be executed Tuesday. 

I lived in Northern Virginia at the time the Washington sniper was active, and while I was not terrified, as the paper claims, one can't help but increase one's situational awareness. The FBI had profiled the sniper as a white male, 25-45, and so forth. The profile turned out not to be very helpful in catching this guy. Then there was the search for a white van. Probably the most common color for vans is white, and they are everywhere on the road, so that was no help either.

No doubt there will be a vigil outside of Greensville prison Tuesday, of those who say we never should execute anybody. I don't agree. When you get down to it, the opponents of execution are saying that these men, like an animal, do what they do because society, in some incomprehensible way, made them like they are. But that is to ignore all those brought up in similar circumstances who choose not to murder people. Muhammad could have chosen not to murder as well. He earned his place on death row, and earned his execution Tuesday.

Update:  Well, how embarrassing.  I am red faced.  Muhammad was executed in 2009, as my friend Sean Sorrentino mentioned in the comments.  Why the Telegraph has the story today is a mystery I shall look into.  Meanwhile, my comments about him earning his execution stand.

It is always good to have friends to fact check, it helps to keep one honest, and besides it drives up the traffic:-).  So, thankyou Sean.


  1. He was executed in 2009.

  2. Sean,

    I also checked CNN website, and sure enough, 2009. Why the Telegraph is reporting this today-could be a hoax? In any case, I updated the post, and thanks for doing a fact check before too many people read it. I could take the post down, but it doesn't hurt for people to know that I screw up every now and then, and that I am willing to take it as well as dish it out. Besides, there's that pesky internet way back machine, so why hide.

    Thanks again,