Thursday, October 11, 2012

Things You Hope Not to Use, But Aren't You Glad You Have Them?

Some things you probably have, but you hope and pray that you never have to use:

-Seat belts: You don't intend to have an accident. You drive carefully, and defensively. But sometimes an accident finds you. At that moment, when the seat belts in your car prevent you from flying through the windshield, aren't you glad you have them?

-Automobile insurance: Same scenario, but your car has been totaled by an uninsured driver. Aren't you glad you have insurance to replace your only means of transportation?

-Fire extinguishers: You probably have a fire extinguisher in your kitchen. You don't intend to have a fire in your home, or to burn your home down. But aren't you glad you have them to prevent your house burning down?

-Home insurance: Speaking of homes, you wouldn't go without home insurance, would you? This insurance package protects your largest investment from all sorts of physical hazards, as well as lawsuits from people who may slip and fall on your steps.

-Guns: When you are confronted by a person who is threatening to kill you, there likely won't be a policeman around. There won't likely be a national guardsman on hand, and there probably won't be a witness around either. You are on your own. Indeed, you, yourself, are the first responder. Wouldn't it be nice to have a gun on your hip?

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