Thursday, December 31, 2015

Cruz is the best of the lot, which isn't saying much

The best article I have read about Ted Cruz so far is one written in today's American Thinker by Fritz Pettyjohn entitled Rebel and Designated Driver Ted Cruz and A Time for Truth. The one thing he gets wrong in his article is that he says Cruz isn't likable. I personally find him very likable. You may not always like the message, but the man himself is likable. Pettyjohn writes:
He knows he's got a problem. In one of the early debates he said he might not be the guy you have a beer with, but he'd be the one to drive everybody home. All true enough. But good enough?

In a rational world it should be. The tales he tells of his battles in the Senate are self-serving, but ring true. Like virtually everyone in Congress with any experience, the Republican Senate leadership values their power and incumbency above all. Anything that threatens the political culture in which they have prospered will be vilified. The foundation of that culture is money -- campaign cash in the millions from various special interests which are government dependent. They have a nice little racket going, and despise anyone who rocks the boat.

To his credit, from the day he was sworn in Cruz has consistently fought the Republican Congressional leadership. He had no interest in joining their club. They've done all they can to punish him, to no effect. As it turns out, Cruz was right not only on the merits but on the politics...
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As I said above, this is perhaps the best piece on Cruz I have read,  But I have heard several very good interviews with him, and he comes across as personable enough.  More importantly, when hiring a man to serve as President, what you want is a man with integrity.  Cruz won't stand for is the lawlessness, and shredding of the Constitution that is, and has been happening.  Ted Cruz seems to be the kind of person who will begin the process of turning our ship of state around.  There will be lots of opposition to this not only from the Democrats, but many in his own party.  If Cruz secures the nomination, the long knives will be out for him.  But if he can survive, I predict that many will find a man who, though they might not have many beers with him, will none the less respect him.

Ted Cruz did not grow up rich, and I suspect he is not wealthy even now.  Despite his intelligence, he has struggled, and I believe his has found and been  humbled by faith, which is very important in a man who has his finger on the button, to use an old cliche.  Trump, for what it is worth, grew up well off, and has only gotten more wealthy.  I have no beef with Trump's wealth, indeed I say good job well done.  But for those who care about such things, a Cruz better understands the struggles of the average American than a Trump does.  Frankly, I don't trust Trump to do what he says.  I believe he says what he needs to say at the moment, and changes with the next, having not thought out his positions thoroughly.  I believe Ted Cruz has thought out his positions, has principle reasons for holding them, and they are based in reality.

I have never written anything close to an endorsement of a candidate, and while I intend to vote for Cruz, this should not be considered an endorsement either.  I have not sent money to Cruz's campaign, or any other candidate for that matter.  Frankly, I have not voted enthusiastically for any candidate in years, and each year I threaten to sit out this election.  But if I get the chance to vote for Cruz, I will, for he is the best of the lot, which isn't saying much.

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