Wednesday, April 20, 2016

A Good News Story

Here's some good news to report! Smithfield, NC High School has built a gun range for students in its JROTC program to use. You can find the story at Bearing Arms here. Students will be using air rifles rather than the .22 we used in my college ROTC program. But air rifles have come a long way, and one can achieve a great deal of the shooting experience with an air rifle. Jenn Jacques writes:
The JROTC built a 1,200-square-foot, six-lane, indoor shooting range at the Smithfield-Selma High School and students began using the facility last week. The $10,000 in costs for the range was donated by the North Carolina Wildlife Resources Commission and the National Shooting Sports Foundation.
Although cadets will be shooting with Daisy pump air rifles, they still need to go through extensive firearms training before being allowed in the gun range.
When I went off to college, some 46 years ago, ROTC was mandatory for all male students for the first two years. Besides learning important life lessons like how to dress, how to keep your gear in proper order, we learned some interesting military history. Time and again throughout history, the same tactics have worked to win battles and bring your enemy to its knees. These are lessons worth learning. I am glad that NC school districts still allow JROTC on campus.

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