Monday, April 4, 2016

We are winning on abortion

After nearly 30 years, it seems Christians are indeed winning the war against abortion. Hillary Clinton, in an interview with Chuck Todd on NBC "Meet the Press" inadvertently let slip half the truth. Clinton stated that "the unborn person doesn't have Constitutional rights." So, at last, the pro-abortion crowd admits that the child in the mother's womb is in fact a "person." At first, they claimed that the unborn child was a fetus, not a baby waiting to be born. When challenged, as to what a fetus was if not a person at a specific stage of development, they adopted the pose that what was growing in the mother's womb was a clump of cells, as if these cells, if left to mature in the normal course of time might be anything other than a person. The constant talk about protecting a woman's health also pretends that carrying a child to term is some sort of disease that requires a "procedure" to cure.  So, now we know that it is a person we are talking about killing.

I have always wondered, and still do, how highly trained lawyers, skilled in logic and the weighing of evidence, and elevated to the highest court in the land, could possibly come to the conclusion that this child, innocent as of yet of any crime, should be executed on the mother's say so without any due process of law.  Isn't the Constitution, with its Bill of Rights designed to protect a person's life, liberty, and property?  Isn't everyone entitled to their day in court, a trial by a jury?  Where is the due process to which even a convicted murderer is entitled?  Abortion, as practiced in America today, is murder plain and simple.  Killing another human being, despite what they show in movies, affects the soul of the one who kills, and murder kills the soul of the one who murders.

As far as that person not having Constitutional rights, even illegal aliens, when in territory under the jurisdiction of the United States have Constitutional rights.  How much more, then, would the child of an American mother and an American father living in territory under the jurisdiction of the United States, have Constitutional rights?  As things stand, the United States government is sanctioning the killing of millions of her citizens without any due process.  This is more so because the Congress funds Planned Parenthood.  Further, by mandating abortion services in Obamacare plans, Christians are forced to subsidize something that goes against the principles of their faith.

Now that Hillary has let slip that what an abortion does is kill a living person, we can start talking about these other issues.  We are indeed winning, and we should keep up the pressure.  As with slavery, and the civil rights movement, faithful Christians are on the side of God, and with God,we can not lose.

Update:  This morning Jeannie DeAngelis had an article up entitled Hillary Clinton's Abortion Quagmire. She makes the same points I do above, and a few that I didn't think of. Go over there and check her out.

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