Thursday, April 21, 2016


Mike Konrad has an interesting take on current world affairs in an article entitled Call it Fascism over at the American Thinker today. I have often said in this blog that what Obama actually is doing is transitioning us from what we are (or rather what we were) to a Fascist state. Mike Konrad goes farther, in that in his view we have been becoming fascist, but haven't previously noticed. To be fair, the mask of virtue has come off, and we are now seeing the corruption around us for what it is. The Former United States of America (FUSA) is now the Fascist States of America (FSA), and corporatism is now so entrenched, there is no longer a need to hide it. Konrad also makes the point that much of the rest of the world is becoming fascist.

 No one is listening to the people, and certainly no one seems to be listening to God.  Whether it is a Communist country that needs to free up its markets, or a Capitalist country in which large corporations have sidled up to government through the influence of money, what we now seem to have is mafia style "families" running the show, and fighting for turf, money, power, and control.  In the FSA we have the Republican mafia, and the Democrat mafia setting our choices.  The fear of both Cruz and Trump is that either one will take away the turf of the republican "capos" to replace them with of course, their own capos.

I will be out of town over the weekend, buy I highly recommend you read Konrad's piece, and think about the analogy he is making.  Does it feel like we may be living in a country controlled by two different styles of crime families?

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