Wednesday, April 13, 2016

Guns don't kill people-:Liberals do

 Guns don't kill people, but Liberalism does according to Trevor Thomas over at the Patriot Post. Thomas notes that:
Again, when you operate in the realm of fantasy, it is much easier not only to ignore the truth, but also to manufacture crises and perpetuate false injustices so as to paint oneself as the savior for what needs (or will need) fixing. Thus, “never let a crisis go to waste” is a frequent means by which political power is obtained and kept. Far too many Americans are all too willing to cast their votes for those who promise to “protect” them — from the climate, from the corporations, from the Christians, from guns, and from the consequences of their own bad decisions.
The lie is put to the anti-gun crowd, however, by:
It’s rather telling — but not at all surprising — that so few liberals have demonstrated any shock or remorse at the recent undercover Planned Parenthood videos. Remember how the liberal media had to be dragged kicking and screaming to cover the trial of Kermit Gosnell? Whether the Gosnell trial, or the Planned Parenthood videos, the truth about the abortion industry has been known for decades now. What’s more, there’s no real shortage of photographic and video evidence of what really happens during an abortion. Again, much of this has been around for years.
Because if Liberals, also known as Collectivists, Statists, Progressives, Socialists, Communists and Fascists, really cared about people being killed, they would care very much that 60 million innocent lives have been destroyed in a violent way by abortion. And then there is this:
Additionally, blacks (especially young black males) comprise well over half of the 11,000+ annual gun homicides in America. Well over 90% of these murders are the result of black-on-black crime. Multiple times this year, urban America has seen the equivalent of the Umpqua massacre occur over a weekend. In Obama’s home state of Illinois, Chicago alone has had several weekends that were as violent or more violent than what we just witnessed in Oregon. Do you recall any impassioned presidential pressers as a result? Me either.
Liberals, it is clear, care nothing about you, me, or anything other than obtaining power, keeping power, and getting rich in the process. Everything is designed around that objective. If Trevor Thomas' appeal is facts, Philip Ahlrich's is rhetoric, but they are saying the same things:
Never have the cannons of government turned with such determination and force against the American people. The theme of liberal government is its pursuit of legitimacy through power -- there is only futility in believing otherwise. If you disagree with the curent administration, you are the enemy. It is a message delivered to the nation with shot. We are witness to the force of dishonesty when spoken with enough audacity and counterfeit outrage that reason must limp from the encounter. Progressive interests in America are now seeking to exploit any rhetorical or imagined social differences in our culture in order to create a general perception of systemic injustices from which to establish the political conditions necessary for their success.
Due to the interference of progressive design upon America’s first principles -- her fundamental commitment to the protection of her citizens and their rights, to equality, liberty, and self-determination -- liberalism has changed into a politicized authoritarian ideology. It has become, in effect, a strategy of power. Its scripture now demands a twofold sacrifice of intellectual honesty to ideological commitment and of individual conscience to a political shame culture -- and so zealously have its votaries defended intellectual oppression and the misinformation that proceeds from propaganda, that it is now necessary to secure freedom from the liberal.
Read the whole thing, and think about it well. The rights, acknowledged in the Bill of Rights, come from a Higher Power than any king, ruler, dictator, or tyrant. Like a lot of things, if you don't use them, and defend them, you will not get to keep them. But they can not be taken from you, you must surrender them. Yes, you have a choice. I suggest you exercise them daily.

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