Tuesday, August 30, 2016

1984 Redux

Kurt Schlicter had a piece at Townhall.com entitled Claims of Racism are the Last Refuge of a Shrill Harridan that echoed my post of 28 August entitled "Orwell's 1984 is a Warning, Not a Manual." But since great literature is taught, and instead the thinking of minor thinkers in third world hell holes is stressed, many liberals have probably never read George Orwell's 1984, and don't know the meaning or the historical context of this book.  It used to be required reading for all students.
It’s the abnormal remedies we should worry about. Once upon a time, presidents did not so blatantly pick and choose among their citizens, dividing them into the favored and disfavored so obviously and so cruelly. They did not openly insist that they would bypass the Congress by executive fiat and through unelected judges to effectively pass laws the people’s representatives rejected. They did not promise to restore unconstitutional laws that made criticizing them a crime. And the media did not openly admit their commitment to supporting their favored president by ignoring blatant corruption. The political coalition currently in power did not openly conspire to effectively exile a huge chunk of the electorate from participation in their own governance.
Abnormal actions spark abnormal reactions; when you throw out the rule book it becomes a very different game. Do they think the disenfranchised, many of whom defended this country in war, are just going to sit back and quietly accept that they no longer have any voice in their own lives, that they must obey the commands of hateful liberal bullies who delight in inflicting petty abuse and insults upon them? Or will there be a reaction? When you ignore the rules and customs and norms and laws, you should not be surprised when your opponents likewise ignore the rules and customs and norms and laws. And then what?
She will try to confiscate guns or attempt to eliminate dissident Christianity by eliminating tax deductions for churches or decide to thrill her pals in San Francisco by ruining the Lone Star state’s economy by banning fracking, and someone like Governor Greg Abbot is going to tell her “No. No, we aren’t doing that here in Texas. Your rules no longer apply here. Not unless you can enforce them. And trying to do that would be a very bad idea.”

See, the problem is that the Left is getting greedy, seeing its new Utopia just around the corner, they can no longer wait while the rest of the world catches up, and us old farts die off.  No, they have to have it now!  Their haste will be their undoing.  The progressive approach has been so successful up until now.  But many revolutionaries are becoming impatient.  In bringing on the chaos now, they will lose.

On a slightly different note, what the heck is the Alt Right?  According to Wikipedia, the Alt Right sounds more like the Left to me.  In any case, I, like Schlicter, have never met anyone espousing the views expressed as being Alt Right, and I suspect the so called movement may be a false flag operations, that is assuming it is an operation, and not a part of George Soro's Astroturf groups.

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