Tuesday, August 16, 2016

People stampeding like cattle over a little noise

I had always thought people in North Carolina were a more sensible lot.  And then stuff like this happens and you begin to wonder. I would point out that we have gotten a lot of people coming from New York and points North. One has to wonder, what with them bringing their politics with them, whether they are not also bringing their intolerances as well.

Some years ago, I had some of the neighbors over for July 4th. Now, our property, butts up against a working farm, complete with horse and cattle pastures, and the occasional fox, wolves, and poisonous snakes, mostly copperheads. The guy who lives there shoots at these critters with a 410 gauge shotgun. Evening was approaching, and suddenly we heard a few shots from the shotgun. Well, it is the country after all. One of the "ladies" immediately became upset, and wondered how her children could survive with such goings on so close to where they lived. I told her that if she didn't want to see or hear the activities that happen on farms, perhaps she should go back to living in the city. She left shortly thereafter, and the rest of us had a good time watching the fireworks over the trees.

I remember one gun writer years ago who opined that concealed carry was better because one didn't want to scare the white women.  As I recall, though, he included a lot of pantywaists and other such fools of all colors and both sexes in that term "white women."

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