Wednesday, August 3, 2016

Trump may be unfit to be President, but we KNOW Hillary should not be elected Dog Catcher

Yesterday, Obama made the fitness of Trump to be President an issue by claiming that Trump "unfit to serve". Is he kidding? The absolute worst President in history, is talking about someone else's fitness to be President. Is this the pot calling the kettle black?

The point is he may indeed be unfit to be President, but we don't know that.  On the other hand, we know Hillary is unfit to hold even the office of dog catcher.  Which is the point being made at the American Thinker in a post by Patricia McCarthy entitled Fitness Test for the Presidency.

 At the time that Obama first ran for office, some voices raised questions about his fitness per the Constitution, but they were quickly shut down and never received much ink. As Alan Korwin has pointed out in the American Handgunner as well as here at AZCentral, the Constitution requires that a president be a "natural born citizen." A natural born citizen is one born to two United States Citizens on United States Soil. McCain was put through the ringer because while both parents were US citizens, he was born at a foreign posting in the Panama Canal Zone. Ted Cruz was questioned quite openly about his father's citizenship at the time, and the fact that he was apparently born in Canada. I have come to agree with Korwin on the point. Ted Cruz is unfit to be President by virtue of his not being a natural born citizen.  McCain, on the other hand, was born on soil that was, at the time, under United States jurisdiction.  So why was Obama, the son of a Kenyan citizen given a free pass?  No one even wanted to know.

In any case, Obama has no ground to stand on in claiming Trump is unfit.  He was also unfit, and remains so.  The Left though has achieved its goal, and precious little can practically be done, short of declaring every action taken in the last 8 years null and void.  Meanwhile,whether they knew the Constitution or not, millions of people have been complicit in committing the crime of misprision of treason.

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