Thursday, August 18, 2016

Its a matter of Trust

If you want to know why I am voting for Trump, even though he was not my choice, and I think he will not be the kind of President to restore our Constitutional Republic, here is one (and only one) of the reasons: Here's How a President Hillary Will Destroy Gun Rights Without Repealing the Second Amendment. Remember that I don't feel that the Second Amendment is necessary to have our gun rights. Those rights were granted by God to all people. At the same time, those and your other rights only practically exist if a) the Government respects them or b) you can defend them. By putting into the Constitution the Bill or Rights, of which the Second Amendment was one, the new United States was demonstrating that the Government trusted the People. It was a strange new thing then. Governments did not before trust the people. The people were always regarded as ready to revolt at any time, and the Government's job was to keep them under its thumb, by divine right, or whatever justification the rulers could plausibly come up with.

Indeed, trust is the basic operating principle of our form of government.  The representatives are to be drawn from the People, to represent the interests of the People, and to return to their former lives as one of the People.  We have lost some of that.  But the principle remains.  Whenever the representatives vote against the will of their constituents, as they did with the imposition of Obamacare, we can rightly say that the representatives have separated themselves from the people, and are no longer representing Us.  They have become at that point an old world ruling class, and it becomes incumbent on us, the People, to vote them out of office.

Obama is currently finding ways around Congress to impose regulations to keep Americans from getting their hands on guns, or if not to disarm them, to subarm them.  Or, his latest, to put your local gunsmith out of business, thereby ensuring your weapons will eventually be worthless.  He, obviously doesn't trust us, so why should we trust him?  But Hillary will do the same, and worse.  she has already shown a great interest in following the Australian model.  Being a criminal herself, she naturally believes that everyone else is just as criminal as she is.  Despite reports like the recent on from the Crime Prevention Research Center, she nonetheless projects onto you and me her own larcenous heart. She literally runs around with her hands clapped over her ears yelling "La la la la, I can't hear you."  But the bottom line is that Hillary doesn't trust you, or me, and indeed looks upon us as the enemy.  That is not only sad, but extremely dangerous.  Like Obama, Hillary will not be the President of all Americans, but only those Americans who agree with her.  Those Americans would be the so called "progressive left."

The so called "progressive left," which as variously also been named Communist, Fascists,  Liberals,  ad nauseaum, do not trust people like you and me.  Indeed they look upon us, their fellow Americans, as the enemy.  Hillary represents these people.  Under these circumstances, I feel I must do everything legally in my power to see that she does not achieve the highest office in the land,   Your mileage, as they say, may very.

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