Saturday, January 14, 2017

Christians need to become the Church Militant again

I have been going through a spiritual upheaval of late, which has made me cranky and somewhat angry. I think it has been resolved, and for the first time I am finding again peace and serenity, in knowing that God is in control, and I am not. But though God is in control, if I ask Him, he will tell me what I can do today. I did. And he led me to an interesting piece on by Michael Brown entitled Will the 'Trump Effect' Trickle Down to Conservative Christians?.

I have come to believe that conservative Christians have been convinced that they have lost the culture wars by the constant drumbeat of the faux news media, television and movie entertainment, schools and other cultural outlets that have constantly told us that the Left is winning.  And it has been remarkably effective.  The Left has also infiltrated and hijacked our mainline protestant churches such that abortion and the ordination of openly gay individuals is not just tolerated but openly celebrated.  At the same time, the old Christian hymns are no longer sung, favoring instead a milquetoast infantile "Christianity" instead of the old militant style.  But I have seen our Congregational charter, and it talks about our commitment to be the "Church Militant."

For those who may not remember the militant style of Christianity, I do not mean that we should be out killing anyone (except in defense of ourselves and our loved ones when someone presents the real threat of death or serious injury.)   That we leave for Islam, representing the pretender to God's throne. Rather the militant style is to speak with authority and conviction about things we know, and to boldly testify about things we know are wrong.  But these things must be said in love, for though Jesus loves, part of that love is to allow us to choose.  Heaven of hell, it is our choice.  The only thing separating us from God is---us.

Michael Brown is correct, but you may not be convinced.  Perhaps you need a little more.  No doubt you are aware of the displays of the tantrums the left has been going through, the crying, the gnashing of teeth, the attempts to claim victory by some set of rules, not of course THE RULES, the attempts to have the Electoral College overturn the election, and now the attempt to delegitimize the President Elect by the use of faux news.  No doubt as well these have provided some schadenfreude to shell shocked conservative Christians.  Note, if you did feel some sense of schadenfreude, shame on you, but in all fairness, I did too.  Anyway, to put some of this in context, here is Thomas Lifson over at the American Thinker to explain it to you.

Lifson, writing in a blog entitled Why the Left hates Trump so intensely, that nails the reason squarely on the head. It turns out that what the Left has been preaching is not real. Oh, they have put up a beautiful facade, rather like a Hollywood set, complete with the cowboy sleeping in a tilted back chair with his hat pulled down over his eyes. Everything is correct down to the furniture and the period costumes until you notice that an extra is wearing a wrist watch. What???  That is the Trump Effect.  You can read more about it by clicking on the Reddit link in the Lifson piece.

We must all softenour hearts, and toughen our minds if we are to become once again the Church Militant, who once conquered the world, not with the sword, or bullets, but with the Truth.

Father, may I have a softer heart and a tougher mind to carry out your work today.  Amen.

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