Saturday, January 7, 2017

If you are not armed, you may be depending on the kindness of strangers

John Hawkins has an excellent article exposing the nasty underbelly of racism at the heart of the events that unfolded in Chicago this week.  Four black men and women tortured a white mentally challenged man for 48 hours, made him drink toilet water, yelled F*** white people, F*** Donald Trump, and streamed the whole thing live on Facebook.  I doubt the victim here voted for anyone, but in any case these young men and women knew whether he voted and for whom he voted if he did.

Hawkins as entitled his article If you Listen to Liberals, Why Not Kidnap and Torture White People? And, of course, he is right. In their rush to delegitimize the election and make it seem as if they have a legitimate reason for obstructing the Trump agenda, Leftwing websites have offered up a barrage of anti white hate articles.
Think about the significance of that. These animals WANTED their friends to see what they were doing and assumed they’d react positively to it. They thought that because this kid was white and they talked about Donald Trump a little bit, people they knew would be okay with what they did.
This attitude does not come out of nowhere; it comes out of a Faustian bargain that liberals have made on race. If you are a white liberal, you call people whom you don’t like racist. This protects you from the charge because if you’re calling someone else a racist, how can you actually be a racist? Then you imply that, “If you join us in calling everyone who opposes our plans racist, you will also be protected from being called racist.”
From there, liberals turn up the heat. They encourage groups like Black Lives Matter and obsess over people who get shot while doing stupid and dangerous things around the police even though more whites than blacks are shot by the cops. They claim that common sense measures like having ID at the polls are the equivalent of “voter suppression.” They promote and encourage “bigoteers” like Jesse Jackson, Al Sharpton, Melissa Harris-Perry, Deray Mckesson, Shaun King and Michael Eric-Dyson among many others. Their entire careers are predicated on coming up with new and exciting ways to accuse people Democrats don’t like of being racist. Then there’s “white privilege” which is really a generalized and dumb way of attacking people for being the wrong color.
There it is. The Left is using black people to advance their agenda, which of course is an agenda of white people. By constantly picking at the wound, igniting the flame of black resentment, and than pouring gasoline on the fire, the Left is exploiting black people to do their own bidding. The fact that some people, like Van Jones seem to profit from this is all the more irksome.

Truth be told, this is why a black conservative like Clarence Thomas had to be 'borked' at his confirmation hearings. The existence of a conservative black Justice delivering rulings from the bench of the Supreme Court was just too much for the Left to stand.  Fortunately for conservatives, Thomas did not bend under a ruthless attack, and today sits on the Supreme Court.

Meanwhile the Left plays with fire and depends on the goodness of the American people to keep it from becoming a holocaust. While I don't believe that any of them actually cares a whit about blacks or their plight, which in some cases is desperate, they wouldn't play these games if they thought they might actually ignite a race war that would end in their own deaths. Fortunately for them, only a small percentage of the population either black, white, or brown, is racists. Only a small percentage of the population is homophobic.  And what they
 call Islamaphobia is simply recognizing reality.

For this reason, all good people should be armed.  Those who are not are depending on the kindness of strangers.  Truth be told, such kindness may be in short supply when needed.

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