Sunday, January 1, 2017

Happy New Year! And good riddance to the old

It is January 1, 2017, and good riddance to what may have been one of the worst years in recent memory.  Glenn Fairman pens a peace today over at the American Thinker entitled Can You Hear It?. Hear what, exactly? The sound of returning muscularity, and masculinity to American shores. The sound of returning liberty to our shores. That sound. Can you hear it?
And lord, what a bullet America dodged! We have been given an opportunity to strengthen what yet remains, and to bottle up the secularists who would scrub the public square clean of any hope for a moral-political regeneration. Just think: The libs had control of every institutionalized avenue of power, and still they lost! And if you don’t think this is a miracle, then you are not seeing things clearly. In hating the Constitution and its understanding of liberty, should we then be surprised that Progressives despise our miracle -- just as they do we who take refuge in it?
Having slain the personal for the sake of the political, have they not wrung the charm from life by reviling the precious and common virtues that once moved good men to good deeds? Having traded grace and humility for the curse of perpetual dissatisfaction, have they not sacrificed themselves to a distant and unloving idol -- becoming as cold and loveless as their egalitarian god while toiling incessantly to spin affluence into straw? Wracked with guilt and self-loathing because they were heirs to giants, have they not become the most miserable souls on the face of the earth for disdaining their fathers’ house, and thus warranting the curse?
Fairman has a unique style, one long absent from our writing. We, who believe in, indeed have faith in, the God of Creation, who even before he created the Universe, had us in mind, and already had set his plan for our salvation in motion, have longed for such writing. For we can not fully express ourselves without reference to our God, and our faith in his plan for us. While Fairman talks of "patriotic ardor," the reader must understand that it is patriotism in its proper place, under God, and not displacing the duties we owe our families, our communities, and our State.
Listen: for a while it could not be heard or felt, but eventually it began singing through the wires of our shared unspoken desire -- a reemergence of a mature patriotic ardor -- a welling up of love for resurgent liberties. Awakened from the nightmare, we found that noble principles had not perished in our exile. A manly fire is now burning fiercely and it will soon be unstoppable. If we allow it, its spirit will cleanse the land of leaders who had broken faith, and made common cause with the lowest among us. Let their names be stricken: men tentative in their masculine virtues and unwavering in their resolve to dishonor the patrimony of America.
Fairman's message is a happy one. We have dodged a huge bullet, for which we should thank Providence. No one else could have done
this for us. Go to church today, and pray. Have a happy New Year, be safe, but gird yourself for battle in the coming year.

Edit:  To my many readers in Canada, and overseas, we hope to become again the America that leads the world by example.  We hope to become again the America that values its allies, while holding its enemies at arms length.  The America that goes to war only reluctantly, and when all other means for peace have been tried, but when it does goes with overwhelming force.

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