Saturday, January 21, 2017

Someone who truly "gets it"

David Codrea at the War on Guns point to this site: All Federal Gun Control is Unlawful - Plubius Huldah I do not know if Plubius Huldah is her real name, probably not, but she certainly understands the law. Go have a listen. Its 25 minutes long, but well worth it.

 As I have noted before, among Constitutional Conservatives, the eventual goal is to repeal all Federal gun control. States can, of course, impose gun control, but would be wiser to impose gun regulation in accordance with their duty to develop and train a functioning militia.  Plubius Huldah makes all these points in her speech: that our right to arms comes from God, not the Constitution; that all Federal gun control is Unconstitutional, therefore null and void; that the Federal government is the creation of the States, and therefore the States sovereignty is higher than that of the Federal government; that the Federal Constitution list 21 powers, none of which is to regulate or control guns.

People tell me that I just don't "get it," that in today's complicated and highly sophisticated world we can be ruled by an ancient document written by slave holders.  But if you read the contents of text messages and tweets, one can be forgiven for thinking that we have actually become less sophisticated in our present day.  Then people were educated, today they are trained for jobs.  In the end, I don't buy the hype.  I believe we can still be ruled by the Constitution, and that the closer we cleave to it, the more free and prosperous we will be.

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