Saturday, May 27, 2017

Ben Carson Speaks Truth to Power. New York Times Covers Their Ears

In another blog post at the American Thinker, Thomas Lifson takes on the difference between not having stuff, and poverty. I can personally witness the truth of what he and Dr. Ben Carson are saying in this post, entitled Intense Backlash Proves the Truth of Ben Carson: Poverty Is a State of Mind. A man, or woman, is not defeated until he or she surrenders, and a person is not poor unless he believes himself to be poor. Poor is not a lack of stuff, but a lack of vision, of ambition, of the belief that he is down and the system is rigged against him.

Carson is also right in this: that if the wealth of this country could somehow be spread such that everyone got an even split of it, in ten years those who have it now would have it again. Those without would be without again.

The Democrat approach, which is increasingly the Republican approach as well, was to redistribute money to the poor, in the belief that giving them stuff would make them better off.  But if President Johnson (Democrat) had wished to wage a real War on Poverty, he would have undertaken a program to change the spirit of the poor.  It is only by a spiritual change in a man that he can become more than he is.  Once a person realizes that he may not have much, but he has enough, and begins to look for ways to help others, he is already middle class.

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