Monday, May 29, 2017

For Concealed Carriers, Long Range Shooting Is A Valuable Skill to Have

I have been told many times at the range that there is no reason to practice longer shots than the proverbial 7 yards.  The reason?  If you have to shoot more than 7 yards, you can run, seek cover, or perform some other approach to protecting yourself.  Seems true.  But then one hears of handgun shots at further distances that were necessary to hut down a bad guy who just wouldn't quit.  Indeed, Sam Hoober has an article at the Daily Caller that explains why Why You Should Practice Long Range Handgun Shooting. Hoober is also a Contributing Editor for Alien Gear Holsters.

Hoober first makes the point that most of your shooting practice should be short range, flash sighted or point shooting to targets at as little as 3 feet, and that practicing your draw is vitally important as well. But, and here's the kicker, the long range handgun shot is not a zero percent affair. It represents a small, but not zero percentage of shots taken in self defense, or defense of another.  Naturally, no one who carries wants to shoot another human being, but we are a predatory species, and some of us forget that we are not supposed to prey on each other.

Hoober provides examples from history including Wild Bill Hickock's famous shot at 75 yards against Davis Tutt. But there are less notorious individuals mentioned as well who had to make long range shots against various attackers. Long range shooting is a valuable skill to have in your tool box.

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