Saturday, May 20, 2017

The Progressive Monoculture. Diversity for me, but not for thee.

For those who may like my amateur radio posts, there will be more coming.  Meanwhile, let me direct you to Fay Voshell's excellent post at the American Thinker today entitled The Left's Progressive Pilgrimage, in which she makes the point that the Left in America is attempting to create a monoculture of ideas that do not allow any diversity at all. Everything that goes against the Leftist's ideal must be purged. It reminds me of the lawns of many of the leftists I know, where only one type of grass, a grass that doesn't grow here naturally, is allowed to remain.
Some may recall St. Andrew Cuomo, who in a secular interpretation of St. Patricks’ expulsion of snakes from Ireland, attempted an exorcism of people who were pro-life and pro-gun from the sacred soil of New York. If he had been able to put his threat into action as did kings of old, Cuomo, who considers himself Catholic even though he is almost violently pro-abortion, may have imitated Louis XIV’s revocation of the Edict of Nantes, effectively sentencing conservative and religious New Yorkers to exile or worse.
At the same time the newly established holy sites of progressivism are being promoted with an assiduity similar to priests’ promotion of the Christian ceremony of the stations of the cross, progressives continue their campaign to rid the South of anti-progressive graven images.
All this would be worthy of comment for sure, but Voshell raises the specter of eventual banishment and exile, if we are lucky, or worse, death and destruction of Christian and Jewish populations, since these must be seen as weeds in the progressive monoculture. It has always been the same, whether in the Soviet Union, or Communist China, in Pol Pot's Cambodia, or in Communist Cuba. It is also true of ISIS, where Christian populations have been decimated after destruction of monasteries and church buildings.

Like the last Crusades, which were a defense against Islamic invasion, not as the Islamists claim, Christian aggression, we may have to become again the Church Militant, quite literally, if we are to pass on His teachings.

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