Sunday, May 21, 2017

Why Carry Concealed

Kevin Mickalowski, editor of Concealed Carry Magazine, has the scoop on why we should be carrying concealed at Firearm Retention Starts With Concealment.

 I understand the argument that people need to see others they respect carrying a gun in order to desensitize them to the gun culture. But, for the actual purpose of carrying a gun, self defense, I do not see desensitizing others being more important than avoiding a fight I do not have to get into.  Everyone is ultimately responsible for his or her own life, save those children who do not have the strength or the wits yet to know what to do.  It is for them, I carry, not to protect the general public.  While, sure, the fact that a place may have a concealed carrier is no doubt a factor in making a criminal attack less likely, protecting others than myself and my loved ones is not my job.

Therefore, I have always advocated for concealed carry.  Mickalowski makes the arguments why it is the best way.  I agree with him.  It is nobody's business if I am carrying or not, including, I might add, the State.  I have a right to choose the most efficient tools at my disposal, to defend myself and my loved ones.  So I am in favor of what is known as Constitutional Carry, where your license to carry a weapon, concealed or otherwise, is the Second Amendment.

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