Sunday, September 23, 2018

Outrage over the Lynching of Kavanaugh

Patricia McCarthy is outraged.  Indeed, she may have pushed the outrage meter into the red zone with the post today at the American Thinker entitled The Malevolent Lynching of Kavanaugh. McCarthy bemoans not only the dirty tricks the Left is using, but the absolutely shamelessness of treating the Blasey Ford evidence free accusations as somehow worthy of being taken seriously.

McCarthy also points out, rightly, that Blasey Ford herself was in all likelihood partly responsible for what happened to her:
As for Christine Blasey-Ford, her scrubbed but still available captioned high-school year-book photos reveal a private girls' school that reveled in underage drinking, partying, and promiscuity, even the preying on of younger boys. It may be a leap, but the evidence implies Blasey was a party animal without the boundaries to which lesser privileged teens would have been bound.
While a girl's or a woman's life style, no matter how promiscuous, is never an excuse for abuse, let alone attempted rape, her behavior is very much relevant when she makes accusations for which she herself may have been responsible, especially if she was drunk...
McCarthy is of course outraged that the Left pulls stunts like this all the time, shamelessly destroying even the best appointees, while Republicans seem to bend over backwards to try to accommodate their often ridiculous demands.  But the real problem is this:
If the specious claims of Blasey Ford succeed in derailing Kavanaugh, we are done as a democratic republic. The Left will have won. They have already won on university campuses. If this amazing nominee to the Court is destroyed, it means the entire country is at the mercy of the totalitarian pols and blinkered, mind-numbed academics. Republicans in Congress: DO NOT LET HIS HAPPEN. They will use this victory over you to forever alter the character of this nation.

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