Saturday, September 29, 2018

Senator Flake Lives Up To His Name

There must be something in the water in Arizona.  Senator McCain, known in the press as a "maverick," was known by those in the Constitutional Conservative movement as the one who would stab you in the back when you least expected it.  His hatred for Republican presidents, apparently both liberal and conservative, was legendary.  Now comes Senator Jeff Flake (RINO AZ) who goes back on his word to vote to confirm Judge Kavanaugh.  And of course he took some weak kneed individuals with him such as Sen. Collins and Sen. Murkowski.  You can read all about it at, where Katie Pavich has the story entitled Breaking: Flake Demands A Full Floor Vote On Kavanaugh Be Delayed, Won't Vote In Favor Without FBI Investigation.
Senator Chris Coon (D-DE) cried earlier when he found out his friend, Flake, announced he would vote for Kavanaugh to be confirmed.
Really? That is behavior reminiscent of grade school, not members of the greatest debating society in the world. No, I believe this is about Mr. Flake's bruised ego and hatred for Trump. He is willing to put Kavanaugh through yet more personal torture to get back at Trump. He is willing to see the destruction of the USA in order to satisfy his petty ego. Because believe me, once there is a delay, once the Senate allows an outside group to do any sort of investigation, this will turn into a long drawn out affair. Each passing day diminishes the chance of an originalist getting confirmed.

Mr. Flake should resign now, and let the Governor of Arizona appoint a more appropriate person to the Senate.

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  1. so, what is the quid pro quo that the rest of the rinos won't give him that is causing this. there is always something the politician in the saddle wants from the rest in order to do their bidding. the guy is not a statesman or leader, he wants something...murkowski has a history of acting like a democrat operative even while in the alaska legislature. she filed lawsuits after lawsuits against governor palin to the point that the governor was finally ineffective. collins is always looking for cover and someone to lead her. flake has always been the weakest rino doing what ever necessary to get elected. this one is a poster boy for term limits.
    It's about time to rescind the 17th amendment and go back to senators getting appointed by state legislatures. slow down the moneytrain.
    I have to wonder if the founders ever envisioned members of congress having lifetime jobs in those two chambers. reading adams, one gets the idea that the house was supposed to be the political firehouse full of all the opinions and firebrands that is the US population while the senate was to be the steadying hand on the tiller of the ship of state. which was why the senate was never envisioned as an elected position. the 17th amendment is not a bad thing, just that it ends up with people like flake and collins and murkowski who usually can never be rid of to the day they just retire. I don't see very good quality thinking people in the senate with the best interests of the country as a whole foremost in their minds. always always concerned only with their elections first middle and last. which appears to be how all of the sitting senate ends up with the same mindsets instead of being the foil to the house of representatives.
    I feel we must find a way for the senate to be apolitical. having the senate always being concerned with elections can be overcome in several way, term limits, appointed positions, or lifetime elections.
    which would you choose that would be effective????