Tuesday, June 25, 2019

Anything you can do, I can do better, she said

Selwyn Duke had a piece yesterday at the American Thinker that makes the point that the current "problem" of so called trans men winning is a natural consequence of feminist insistence that a women can do anything a man can do, and probably better. The article can be found at Hey 'Trans' Men in Womens' Sports: Good Luck Fellas-Go For The Gold!
“Equality” cries were cherished by feminists when they gave females entry into military academies, boardrooms and the ranks of police; prize-money parity in some sporting events; and access to boys’ athletics. But with these appeals now putting sexually confused men in women’s sports, well, feminists’ cries are a tad different. Equality can be a real downer when it’s principle and not ploy.
As for my position, I’ve devoted more ink to combating the made-up sexual status (MUSS, usually called “transgender”) agenda than most any other writer. In fact, almost first in the field — and almost alone there — inveighing against MUSS ideology 10 years ago, I was criticized for political incorrectness by conservatives (some of whom now sing my tune). It thus may be surprising that I today say to MUSSmen athletes everywhere:
Best of luck to you, lads — may the best man win!
Mrs. Polykahr and I have had these debates since...well...since I have known her. Yes, women deserve equal pay for equal work, though determining what constitutes "equal" work can be more difficult than many think. But as a principle, it is one I can get behind. However, as for the rest of it. it has been a one way street.  Can a woman drive a race car as well as a man?  Well, sure.  Can a woman fix an engine as well as a man?  Why not?  Can a woman compete on the NY Giants?  Can a woman even compete on the professional golf tour?  If they can, why is there a Ladies PGA, and for that matter, why is the ladies' tee always several yards closer than the mens'?

What I am highlighting here is that men and women are different in more ways than the obvious: that women can bear children, while men can not.  But men can father children, while women can not.  differences in size and shape indicate, perhaps our Creator had different roles in mind.
Up until the Rise of the MUSSmen, male-female Equality™ had been a one-way street called Feminism Ave., sort of equality lecture + selective application = whatever advantage I darn well want at the moment. Prestige-oriented feminists could complain about too few female CEOs while never being asked about too few female garbage collectors, iron workers or loggers; or why women aren’t subject to Selective-Service registration. Politicians could bloviate about the workplace intersex wage gap, which somewhat favors men, and ignore the workplace intersex death gap, which greatly favors women. Activists could sanctimoniously agitate over men outearning women in acting while uttering nary a peep about women outearning men in modeling. Professional female soccer players (and other athletes) could lose to 14-year-old boys, lobby for the same pay as the men without being laughed at — and never be told the obvious: If you want the men’s money, emerge from your separate, protected athletic realm and try playing in the men’s arena and succeeding. Your separate ain’t equal, hon.
But enter the MUSSmen. They have won females’ competitions in track, weightlifting, golf long driving, and are generally breaking barriers (and sometimes bones) in women’s sports everywhere. This is called unfair, but why?
As one commenter quoted here put it, “I’m constantly told that men and women are equal and that gender is a social construct. I’m constantly shown ‘bad[***] women’ on TV and in movies that can beat up men easily. I’m told a woman can do anything a man can do. So…[w]hy segregate sports?”
Yes, women can compete successfully in many endeavors, and make important contributions to society. But as I alluded to before, men and women are different in ways that defy explanation. For example, Larry Summers came up against it when he spoke the truth to some feminists that they did not want to hear about men and women in math and the sciences.  We have now considerable scientific evidence that women and men actually think differently, and that these differences are caused by differences in our response to the same hormones. Again, it points to our Creator having different roles for men and women. Maybe we should be paying attention?

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