Saturday, June 22, 2019

How Much Democrats Will Respect YOUR Rights if Elected

Speaking of our dysfunctional Congress, at Bearing Arms Tom Knighton has a pieces Delving Into Representative Eric Swalwell's Gun Control Proposals. Knighton takes apart Rep. Swalwell's proposals a piece at a time and shows that these would not reduce either the common types of crime, or mass shootings.  Indeed, what the proposals would do is further burden law abiding citizens exercise of their Second Amendment rights, while giving the government vast new powers to track down normal Americans who do in fact exercise their rights.

As noted in a previous post, such legislation offends the Constitution, and therefore is null and void.  But note that it doesn't stop any of the declared candidates for the Democrat nomination for President from making such proposals and promises.  What does that say about how much they will respect YOUR rights, should they be elected?

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