Saturday, June 15, 2019

Guns For All!

A week ago I heard that Joe Biden, current DemocRat front runner had made the claim that since abortion was a constitutionally protected "right," that taxpayers were obligated to pay for it!


Well then, does that mean that the actual constitutionally protected right to keep and bear arms is also supposed to be paid for by the Federal government?  I don't remember hearing about such a program.


Today over at the blog Of Arms and the Law Deroy Murdock has written a piece proposing exactly that entitled If Taxpayer Dollars for Abortion Are A Right, Give Us Guns For All!

Hehe...Go read the article at the link. Just as Jonathon Swift before him made a modest proposal, so Deroy Murdock now makes another. And just as Swift's proposal wasn't to be taken seriously, so Murdock's real point is this:
It’s only fair: If Democrats want to kill the Hyde Amendment and stick pro-life taxpayers with the tab for the constitutionally protected abortions that the Left loves so much, then Republicans should enact Guns for All and force pro-gun-control taxpayers to underwrite the constitutionally protected firearms that the Right loves so much.

On second thought, let’s try this:

Democrats should keep their sticky fingers off of the Hyde Amendment, and Republicans should ignore Guns for All as an idea whose time has not come. Instead, this simple concept should enjoy bipartisan support: If you want an abortion or a gun, pay for it yourself.

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