Sunday, November 24, 2019

An Eclectic Post

Today's post will be necessarily short to allow you, gentle readers, to instead pursue the linked articles.  Reading all the linked articles, however, will take about an hour of your time, but the education is well worth it.

First up is John Dale Dunn's article from yesterday at the American Thinker entitled The Biological Challenge to Darwin. Dunn points in turn to a book by a Dr. Marcos Eberlin and to commentary by Dr. Ronald Cherry. Dunn:
Dr. Cherry provided me with a commentary titled “Zero Probability for Self-Generated Life” that I found compelling and worth summarizing and discussing for the many who are interested in the debate on the origination of life and the appearances of species of life, the question—does the Darwin Theory of Origin of Species hold up to modern scientific analysis that includes the microanatomy and microphysiology as well as the active complex biochemistry of the magic that is a living cell?
The life functions of a single human cell, as described by Dr. Cherry, are far more complex than the world's most capable supercomputer, and impossible for man to duplicate using non-living materials due to the complexity and the sub-microscopic size and fragility of biochemical and cellular elements that are critical to the development of more complicated functional living things, but also that provide for maintaining the survival of the “lesser” forms of cellular life. The complexity and rapidity of life-requiring DNA transcription into messenger RNA, and then ribosomal translation into enzymes and proteins of structure and function challenges human understanding.
Dunn's article provides some very strong evidence for an intelligent creator. Is it proof of God? Well, no, I don't think that it can be "proof" of the existence of God. To believe in God, and his plan of salvation for mankind requires faith. There will never be proof this side of the physical death. Naturally, I do not believe myself to be able to discern the "Will of God," but I do believe the Bible sets forth that Will. It is for me to have faith, hope in things unseen.  Please first go read Dunn's article.

Next up, also at the American Thinker today is Janice Shaw Crouse's article entitled Attorney General Barr Stands Athwart History, of course echoing the famous quote by William F. Buckley. Barr has given two speeches, one at Notre Dame and the other to the Federalist Society within the last two weeks.

The speech given at Notre Dame had to do with the place of religious liberty and indeed faith in the public square as envisioned by the Founders.  In that speech he points out that as fallen men, we need restraints.  As society has become more secular, self restraints have loosened, requiring more governmental restraints.  But governmental restraints are inferior to self restraints because these are one size fits all.  But go read Barr's speech.

Finally, also go read his speech at the Federalist society.  He points out that both Congress and the Courts have encroached on the power of the Executive.  As I have pointed out in the past, Congress has delegated its power to legislate to the three-letter agencies.  But that is not what the framers wanted.  Instead, the legislature should legislate.  The Executive should perform those functions for which an executive is most needed, such as foreign relations and the defense of the nation against a foreign enemy.  Again, go read the linked speech to the Federalist Society.

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