Monday, November 4, 2019

Here Is Why They Want To Disarm You

I've got to run today.  I promised Mrs. PolyKahr a trip to the Wegman's Grocery store, so need to get ready to go.  But I wanted to leave you with something so, please read Kurt Schlichter's piece today over at entitled Trump Is Derailing The Elite's Gravy Train. A sample, which really says it all:
...because the elite likes its sexual abuse and its foreign cash and its total lack of accountability to us, the Normals, the people who are supposed to be the ones that our elite is working for. The elite has not learned its lesson. It has not admitted that it sucks and resolved to stop sucking.
Instead, it has doubled down. And if it gets power again, it will act to solve what it sees as the most urgent problem facing America – the fact that we the people have the ability to reject the elite’s utter incompetence and surpassing greed and elect someone with a mandate to burn down the whole rotten edifice.
If the elitists get power again, they are never letting go of it, not without a fight. And now, doesn’t the elite’s obsessive fixation on shutting down conservative dissent, eliminating competing institutions (like religious entities), and disarming law-abiding Americans make a lot more sense?
It's what I have been telling you!


  1. Dunno about the elite but we currently have a minority running our country: great for some, cruddy for most. That aside, another school shooting today. While Wayne LaPierre,
    drafte dodger, wring his hands, a gun owner addressed the one individual problem. AR-15s and their ilk
    are favored by 1. the military and 2. for fun
    but not much else. Idaho is awash in guns, and the first guy to turn in an AR-15 was up north here after elk and moose. Traded in his
    Bushmaster for $500 which he turned over to
    a charity for the homeless. Not much, but a hell of a lot more than than the NRA has done. Can't figure it out: I qualified on everthing the military had from .45, 7.62, 30 and 50 cal m-guns, flame throwers and grenades and never felt the urge or need to
    have a weapon in the house. What's my problem?

  2. BB-Idaho, I was amused by the 75 year old school teacher who wanted to offer $500 to anyone who would turn in his or her AR-15 rifle. He was surprised he didn't get any death threats, which shows a lack of understanding of the average gun owner.

    As far as the fact that you have never seen a need to have a gun in your house, it boils down to what you see as your particular risks, and how you address them.

    I have commented in the past that most of use will never need to fire our guns at a human being, thank God. But some people have jobs that take them into sketchy areas. Should then not have arms for protection? Some people work nights at convenience stores, gas stations, liquor stores, and other vulnerable targets. Should they be forced to work these places without arms?

    Finally, whether you believe it or not, I believe that the existence of so many guns has kept the worst impulses of politicians at bay. But, clearly many want to disarm us and I believe it is not to stop mass shootings, but to allow them to impose their worst ideas on all of us.

    Don't know about Idaho, but around here, a number of people want to take away our what has always been understood; that we can agree to disagree. The same people who want to take away guns also want to take away the rest of our rights. Frankly, the blog has always been about all of our rights, not just the 2nd Amendment. But the 2nd Amendment is the "palladium of liberty" and we can not long maintain our liberty without it.