Saturday, April 13, 2024

Do you need an AR-15?

 Mike McDaniel asks the question Should I buy an AR-15? He then answers with an absolute "Yes." You can read his reasons, many of which are the same as why everyone in the old days needed to have a 22LR. But, McDaniel's first, and major reason is:

But why? There are many good reasons, including the Mummified Meat Puppet Administration doesn’t want you to have one and they’re willing to lie about it and threaten to bomb, even nuke, you to get them. Also, it has been scientifically proved there is no such thing as too many guns or too much ammunition. Trust the science.

So, sure, if the so-called "elites" don't want the unwashed masses to have them, it seems to me very important to have one. On the other hand, most of us live in urban and suburban settings where finding a range to practice is difficult. My own range doesn''t allow anything other than pistol caliber weapons. So, if I had a rifle chambered in...say...357 Magnum, that would be acceptable. But that means it would probably be a lever action, not an AR-15.

You can probably think of other reasons why you might want something other than an AR-15. But please read McDaniel's post and think about it for yourself.

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