Wednesday, July 7, 2010

Alcohol Serving Restaurant Carry Becomes Legal in Virginia

Mike Stollenwerk has a great Washington Examiner article today entitled 43 States Now Allow Gun Carry where Alcohol is Served. The map shows how isolated North and South Carolina are. Yet each time the bill comes up, Deborah Ross (D-Wake) manages to bottle it up in "her" committee, where the bill languishes until it finally dies.

Apparently, North Carolina feels strongly that if a person goes into restaurants that serve (gasp!) alcohol, she shouldn't expect to be able to defend herself if needed. Such places are filled with drunken men who, you know, will sense that our heroine has a concealed weapon and try to take if from her and shoot her with it....or something. North Carolina also feels that if a woman takes her children to the park, or the movies, that she should be similarly defenseless. That's how strongly North Carolina believes in defenselessness as a defense...or whatever. Of course, in North Carolina, you can always depend on the police to be there in time of need...or not.

But, congratulations to Virginia, and to the Virginia Citizens Defense League! North Carolinians will keep trying, as you have done. It's just that it will take longer here, evidently.


  1. soon we will restore all our unalienable rights, including the right to keep and bear arms.

  2. sofa,

    I look forward to the day. Meanwhile, raise a glass of root beer for me when you visit a restaurant in Virginia!