Wednesday, July 21, 2010

The First American Dictator

Robert Miller has an interesting piece up at the American Thinker today entitled Government by Diktat that argues we are no longer a nation of laws, but of men. Faceless men to be exact.

When do we count ourselves among those ruled by a dictator? Personally, the day Obama took over the auto industry, I decided then that we were living under dictatorship. It has apparently taken more evidence for others. But one person I spoke to did not feel that even now we were living under a dictatorship.

Some people have their heads in the sand. To those people, I say wake up! Look at what is happening around you. Look at what is being withheld from you by the media here. And if it is happening with the Jeremiah Wright story, what else are they not telling you. We are now living under a [Progressive/Marxist/Communist/Fascist/Latest Name By Which They Go] dictatorship. It happened while you were sleeping.

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  1. You are most likely correct; at best, it's an oligarchy. Either way, not good.