Tuesday, July 13, 2010

Anticipating the October Surprise

Pamela Geller has a piece today at the American Thinker entitled The October Surprise is Coming. Ms. Geller doesn't pull any punches in calling the "democratic" leadership exactly what it is. Interestingly, Geller speculates that our October Surprise this time will probably be a full scale depression. The reasoning goes that a mere "economic emergency" worked the last time, but this time they are likely to be thrown out of office unless it's a bigger and better October Surprise.

Also, interestingly, Ms. Geller has a candidate for President that we had not considered before:

Yes. And there is some comfort to be found in the fact that decent, rational men, statesmen, exist and speak the truth. They represent our last hope, a vestige of reason and sanity in this era of the modern barbarian. These are the men who need to take the reins of their respective nations. Bolton 2012: The stakes couldn't be higher.
It does have a certain ring to it, no?

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