Wednesday, July 28, 2010

Defeating the Left

WRSA has collected two posts together into one place by the "Curmudgeon Emeritus" over at Eternity Road. I just noticed that Eternity Road now has a part III here. The key to the entire effort, which may go on for some time is contained in the following paragraphs:

If things turn out too badly, we might have to lock and load.
The protection of our right to our weapons is the most important of all our near-term undertakings. Fortunately, recent Supreme Court decisions appear to have reinforced this control on the actions of the State, but the right must be exercised to be meaningful. Just as one must know whence the threat approaches, one must be prepared to meet it with all the force one can command. If our political masters are so desirous of retaining their power and prestige that they invalidate our elections, whether by fraud or by decree, we must be prepared to march, and bleed, and die.
Then there is this depressing thought:

If confronted by that requirement, many vocally ardent freedom advocates will accept fetters and subjugation in preference.

So, where does the enemy appear to be weakest? How can we defeat them without having to confront or overly test our fair weather patriots, who, none the less are still on our side? Well that's what Part III is about.

Yet, of the several bastions held by the techno-fascists, their media megaphone is the only one that's seriously threatened at this time. It constitutes a weak point in their battle array. Because of the abovementioned alternatives and their expanding reach, the Old Media are losing "mindshare," and are growing ever less relevant to journalism in our time. Our batteries are penetrating this bastion; therefore, we must rush more forces into the breach.

Unfortunately, our current positions require adjustment. There's too much emphasis on interpretation -- opinion-editorial pieces -- which is essentially counter-battery fire. Though worthwhile, it has a defensive cast, and no war has ever been won on defense. To seize the offensive, we must take up the tasks the Old Media have relegated to secondary importance: the gathering of facts and their objective presentation to interested readers.

I have to admit that I myself have largely taken the easy road here. Having no special knowledge, or contacts with those who do, I have been left to read the papers, gather what seem to be relevant stories, and highlight those coupled with my own insights. But in the end, mine is an opinion site. This site started out essentially to justify my carrying of a gun, which seemed to need justifying, but I quickly learned that it didn't really. How that came about is a story for another day. Meanwhile my blog quickly expanded its as I saw the coming disaster that was to be the Obama administration. I tried to warn people, only to be called a racist and worse. I firmly felt that while second amendment rights were certainly important, I wanted all my rights to be recognized, and respect in the breech. So that is where we are.

I will have to consider how to become a reporter of objective news.


  1. Your story about starting with one purpose, only to find another, is mine as well. I started with the objective of talking about Alaska, and my experiences here. How quickly that changed!

    I am not, and probably will never be, considered a "gunny" blogger - there are few threats to our gun rights here, outside of that posed by the general government (as Jefferson called it).

    Hang in there, sir - I firmly believe that God will show us what role we are to play.

  2. Rev Paul,

    You wouldn't think so, but NC is a nanny state. We have tons of liberal/leftists moving into the area, looking for jobs (which should tell them something) and bringing the politics with them. Then there are the many universities here abouts, which contribute to the left leaning of the area. Meanwhile, I looked then, as now, on gun rights as the canary in the coal mine. If the canary isn't choking, the air is safe for humans. Similarly, if our gun rights aren't in trouble, the rest or our rights are safe-or so I thought.

    These guys are going around our gun rights evidently, and stealing whatever else they think they can get away with.

    Now, because our rights come from God, I believe they are making of themselves enemies of God, not man, so that I believe that God will indeed show us what role we are to play.

    Good comment,