Saturday, July 17, 2010

Rant: Idiotic Bumper Stickers

Below is a rant. I freely admit it, and if you, dear reader, are averse to such things, then turn away now.

I saw a bumper sticker while out driving that had the word "tolerance" written with a variety of symbols from different religions. My blood started to boil, but then I thought about it. What is it about such advertisements of others complete ignorance that makes me mad? Does it affect me that this nitwit wants to drive around with "tolerance" on his rear end?

Frankly, such bumper stickers make me angry because of the implied superiority of such people. I have talked to people who smugly say things like "all religions teach essentially the same truths." No. They don't. Buddhism, for example, teaches that man becomes god, while Judeaism teaches that God created the universe and each creature in it, including man. They both can not be right. Then there are the Gaia worshipers, who anthropomorphize animals, while denying that man belongs here at all. Such a belief system is so at odds with Christianity, that again the both can not be correct. The truth is that the "tolerance" sticker types don't truly believe in anything except themselves. If they want to feel all warm and fuzzy because they have a corner on tolerance, fine. But when they interfere with my free exercise of religion by law, they are showing their own hypocrisy.

And they have, and do interfere with my free exercise, and that of millions of others as well. Children are not allowed to pray in school today because some intolerant SOB filed a lawsuit that finally reached the Supremes and allowed them to stand the Constitution on its head and declare that "Congress shall make no law respecting an establishment of religion, or prohibiting the free exercise thereof" means just the opposite. Children, and adults had been previously allowed to freely exercise their religion in schools, but were now denied. Since that case, the ACLU has continued with a vengeance to take down each and every symbol of Judeo-Christian religion that occurs outside of a church building, including monuments to the 10 Commandments and even the crosses that appear on the seal of Los Angeles. If the ACLU ever figure out that Los Angeles means "The Angels" then I suppose the city council will have to change the name of the city.

Each Christmas, a uniquely Christian holiday, I am reminded constantly that because everybody is not a believer, my exercise of the holiday must be muted. Where's the tolerance there? Why is it that my holiday has to be hijacked by a bunch of non-believers and turned into the "Winter Holiday?" If they don't like it, they don't have to participate. Why is it that I have to tolerate their non belief, but they don't have to tolerate my belief?

Now the President is going around yakking about the "freedom to worship." Of course, he is trying to change the language and get us all talking on his terms, as leftists always do. But worship is only one part of living a Christian life. We also must testify to others, and lead by example. A disciple of Christ must daily walk in His footsteps. The Constitutional language is the correct one: exercise. Don't be fooled by the President's "freedom to worship" language bender.

So what does it mean, to "tolerate?" Tolerance means that I may not jail you, or kill you, or otherwise act in a way to legally harm you or your property. I don't have to agree with you, nor do I have to find your beliefs acceptable. I don't even have to let my children play with yours. All that is required is that I don't interfere with your life, liberty, and property. So how did we get from "tolerate" 50 years ago, to "non-judgementalism" today? Doesn't everyone make judgements? Even the decision to be non-judgemental is itself a judgement. And since the basis of such a decision is that all judgements are equal, the why doesn't the "tolerance" crowd try tolerating my Christianity for a change.

End of rant.

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