Tuesday, September 28, 2010

Big Brother is Watching You

Go over to The Blaze to see Jonathon M. Seidl's report US Would Make Internet Wiretaps Easier. Read the whole report.

Scary part: because of the Patriot Act, as I understand it, these "lawfully authorized" wiretap warrants can be issued by a federal agent, without needing to go before a judge. If that isn't true, I hope someone corrects me.  Interesting too, that Mr. Obama can simply write himself some more authority by writing more regulations.  Congress has truly become irrelevant.

The really scary part: how easily the regime tags dissenters as terrorists. Constitutionalists have been listed in Homeland Security documents as terrorists. Now, Constitutionalists believe that the government should act within the limits of the original meaning of the Constitution, or amend it. If these people are terrorists (and I am one of them,) what would they have said about our Founding Fathers?

The interesting part comes in the comment section. Flamingliberal writes:

And if Obama and the DEMs blocked this type action, you would accuse him & them of treason and not protecting America.

With the exception of RIM, encrypted services, or secure satellite communications, you can already be EASILY tracked on the internet with existing tools.
For example, on this page, I could track any user who has accessed content(read or write) or posted a reply. Using existing tools, I could then track that user to his physical location anywhere in the US.
IF you happen to be on a DSL or other similar technology (FIBER, Leased Line T-1 etc), actually getting your home location is simple using existing web sites or tools(If you used a mobile phone, a GPS tag could locate you to within 3 meters). Cable is a bit trickier due to the ‘shared’ aspect of the connection, but not much more difficult.

I suspect that the Obama administration (As well as Bush) have already been monitoring internet traffic all along, and they just want to clean up some of the ‘legal’ issues it would cause should they need to prosecute someone in the US.
Do you really think that it is a coincidence that less than a week after news outlets are reporting that homegrown terrorists now pose as great or greater threat to US security, that they move to close that legal loose end?
In any case, anyone who EVER thought they were anonymous or untraceable on the internet is a dope…
Beware, big brother is watching you!

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