Thursday, September 23, 2010

Couple with CCW Save Woman's Life

This heart warming story comes via Philip Van Cleave of the Virginia Citizens Defense League:

WADSWORTH, Ohio - Wadsworth police say a gun-carrying couple helped them catch a man who was allegedly beating his girlfriend in a parking lot in front of her two small children.

Officers said the couple pulled into the Wadsworth McDonald's on High Street Sunday and saw a man hitting a woman in another vehicle.

Police said the couple, who each have a permit to carry a concealed weapon, called 911 then pulled out their guns and ordered the man to the ground.

"My husband and I both have CCW licenses and we were in fear of her life, and we drew our weapons on him," Heather Evans told the 911 dispatcher.

Police said the man, 18-year-old Anthony Konopinski, then ran off. A third witness then ran after Konopinski, calling police to tell them where they were headed.

The suspect was caught a half a mile away. Police said they had to use a taser to subdue Konopinski.

Konopinski is now facing domestic violence, child endangerment, resisting arrest and drug paraphernalia charges.

You can find other stories where guns save lives over at Keep and Bear Arms. Today's story is the headliner, but if you troll the newslinks, you will find many others. Reading between the lines, the police can not be everywhere. Rather, you need to be able to defend yourself, and then to offer assistance where needed. No, CCW holders not the police, and it is unusual for a concealed weapons carrier to get involved in these things, but I probably would have acted too in their situation.  Let us pray for this couple, because, frankly, a boatload of legal trouble is probably coming their way, in the form of lawsuits.  I am just pleased that they won't be charged themselves.

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