Thursday, September 16, 2010

Cold Fury at the Imposition of Shariah

Cold Fury has a post up entitled "When rage and hatred blaze in the dark corners of the earth, the symbol of American freedom is usually the first to catch fire." A quote to give you a taste:

If Muslims the world over must rise up in blind hatred and rage at modernity, why do we act as if the fault were with us, and the blame for this odious backwardness ours? The usual rioting, violence, burning, and murder that these animals unleash at the slightest provocation — and threaten us with as a preemption, without any real provocation at all, as the phony “healer” Rauf did last week — is not something that should be kowtowed to. It is certainly not something that America should apologize for. Rather, it is THEIR fault, THEIR problem, and the obligation for apology, contrition, and shame belongs to THEM, not us.

We owe these deviant, yodeling freaks nothing. NOTHING. Well, nothing beyond swift, crippling vengeance for each successive trespass against decency and humanity the bolder of them commit, the more powerful of them clandestinely enable, and the lesser of them applaud from their filthy, perpetually-impoverished village squares.

Editor Mike Hendrix has named his blog well. Go read the whole thing. A tip of the hat to Bubba of the blog What Bubba Knows for pointing out the site to me.

Having gotten that out of the way, let's move on to more sobering reading, shall we? A number of sources point toward a recently released report indicating the dangers to the United States of Sharia law. I selected The Shariah Threat to America by David Yerushalmi from today's American Thinker. But Frank Gaffney has long beat the drum (see here) and Andrew McCarthy has joined in from the terrorism angle (see here.) Gaffney and McCarthy are two of the panel who wrote the report, entitled The Shariah Threat to America. Go read the whole thing. You can access the report through the article at American Thinker.

For many people, accustomed as they are to Christianity, the idea that Islam is fundamentally different comes as a surprise. In Christianity, God wants each man and woman to come to have a relationship with him out of his own free will. In Islam, you MUST have a relationship with Allah, whether you want to or not. Every jot and tittle of Shariah MUST be obeyed, theoretically. I say "theoretically" because the Jews tried for a millennium to obey all the law, and were unsuccessful. How the Arabs were going to accomplish what the Jews could not is something a thoughtful Christian might like to as the so-called "prophet," but I digress. Shariah is not compatible with man-made law, nor democracy, nor a Constitution. You have no rights under Shariah.

We can not, and must not, allow Shariah to gain a foothold in this country.  I would suggest that maybe the wall of separation they are always yacking about might help us here, but our Supremes have already shown a willingness to throw First Amendment free speech rights under the bus when confronted with the burning of the Koran, so don't expect help from that quarter.  It is unfortunate that we have allowed Muslims to immigrate into this country, but now that they are here, they are welcome to stay so long as they obey OUR laws.  Muslims who are not satisfied with our laws, and would prefer Shariah are welcome to leave.

Don't let the door hit you in the a** on the way out either.

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