Sunday, September 5, 2010

Why Aren't Feminazies Defending These Women?


Eileen F. Toplansky has a short piece over at the American Thinker this day entitled Sharia-Women at Risk. Go read the whole thing, and be sure to check out the video. A quote will tell you what you will see:

Besides the viciousness and cruelty inflicted upon women in the Muslim world, besides the perverted "law" that sanctions such hideous acts, the most telling part of this illuminating video is the laughter by those in attendance each time that Rauf says that the "U.S. is a sharia compliant state."
Wake up America!

If the Marxist/Socialist/Fascist/Communist/collectivists are like burglars already in the home and stealing whatever they can, the jihadis are beating down the front door trying to get in and steal whatever is left.  The clueless audience laughing at this guy really has no idea what they would be unleashing in this country.  Some of them, I imagine, are Alinskyites, and figure that the more chaos, the better for them.  Meanwhile feminists, who should be the first to stridently denounce such treatment of women, remain silent.  Why?  Women are not property, and should not be so abused.  If women will get up and leave when Larry Summers makes remarks about the relative ability of men and women in mathematics and the sciences, why wouldn't they be out picketing every time a Muslim gets up to talk lovingly about Sharia?  Where do feminist loyalties actually lie-with women or with their Leftist allies. 


  1. Gender-war feminists don't have positive loyalties. Their sole "loyalty" is a loyalty against: against freedom, against capitalism, and against men as such. There could be no better demonstration of this than their silence toward the abuse of women under Islam.

  2. Fran,
    Your idea of "loyalty against" is interesting, and explains much. But you wonder how someone can maintain that kind of hate for a life time.

    May the Peace of the Lord be with you,

  3. Why? Because for them, Hating America is more important than any other issue.