Wednesday, September 29, 2010

The Daily Bayonet Skewers Treehuggers

Theo Sparks, "the last of the few", points to The Daily Bayonet post entitled Treehugger Buys a Clue, or Two. The post is generally about how the Cancun Climate Summit is turning out to be a bust, after the blowup at Copenhagen last year. It is worth the read. An interesting quote:

This year’s Cancun climate talks are going nowhere fast after the Copenhagen Hopenchangen blowout of last year, in fact no political leaders are even expected to attend. In the US, the GOP has skewed skeptic and is thriving as the Democrat party hides the fact that their candidates are Democrats. In typical leftist fashion, now the battle is lost, Treehugger wants to change the terms of engagement and depoliticize global warming. Good luck with that.

The Daily Bayonet, in turn, points us to another posting, this time on Hot Air entitled Exclusive EPW Report Shows NEW EPA Rules Will Cost More Than 800,000 Jobs. The post was by Ed Morrissey. A quote:

Actually, it’s not just the Senate Environment and Public Works Committee’s minority contingent that fears the loss of nearly a million jobs from new EPA rules on greenhouse gases and other emissions issues. It’s also groups like the United Steel Workers, Unions for Jobs and the Environment, and experts like King’s College Professor Ragnar Lofstedt. Hot Air got an exclusive look at a report that the EPW minority staff will release later this morning detailing the economic damage that an activist EPA will do to the American economy, and which will come at perhaps the worst possible time, both economically and politically.

But don't let all the bad news for the warmistas fool you. They will do their best to get a Cap and Tax bill, or similar EPA Regulations in place. If the Democrats lose the majority in the House and possibly the Senate, look for it to be a bill in the lame duck session. This will be the final noose around the necks of Americans. The Government will then have taken all our rights without firing a shot, just as Jeff Snyder predicted in Walter Mitty's Second Amendment

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  1. And while the politicians bluster and obfuscate, let the secessions begin...