Sunday, December 12, 2010

Another Bigot Heard From

What did I tell you the other day? This argument seems to spring forth like dandelions on a spring day whenever there is a threat to allow legal concealed carry in "bars."

“It would be a nightmare for us,” Jamison said referring to his business. “What happens when it’s (the gun) pulled?
Of course, "bars" here means any number of family restaurants that happen to serve alcohol as well.  Such restaurants serve as a place where one can take the kids and have a pleasant evening out.  I find, though, that I go to fewer and fewer of them, precisely because of this attitude.

Hat tip to David Codrea for pointing me to this.


  1. Alaska's gun laws permit anyone 21+, otherwise legally able to purchase a firearm, to carry openly OR concealed, at will. State law preempts local laws. But we can't carry in a bar (not that I've been in a bar in quite some time), but can in any establishment which derives 51% of its income from food sales.

    My question: how are we, the public, supposed to know the percentage?

  2. Rev. Paul,

    Another goofy law. But, presumably you would not be harassed if you were eating your meal at a typical chain restaurant like, say, Friday's or Applebees. But it is a frustrating experience all around to be taking your weapon out of its holster and securing it each time you stop at various places where it is illegal to carry.

    We should eliminate as many obstacles to carry as we can. Studies show that it makes society a safer place.

    Best wishes,