Wednesday, December 1, 2010

ObamaMobile and The Government's Fraudulent MPG Numbers

A tip of the hat to Bubba of What Bubba Knows for pointing to this article from Pajamas Media, by Chris J. Kobus entitled EPA Fraud: Chevy Volt, Nissan Leaf Only Get 23,25 MPG. I am constantly amazed that the Government believes that we are too stupid to notice that each night these electric cars must be plugged in, and to figure out that the electrical charge must be generated somehow. Of course, when you get that first bill at the end of the month, and notice how much more electricity you are using, it will become obvious that you have simply traded one kind of energy for another.  Unless you are hooked up to a nuclear power plant, that power comes from fossil fuel. So, where's the advantage here?  23 MPG isn't really all that good either, considering the car's small size, and lack of comfort. 

Once again, any first year physics major could have told the EPA this would happen.  Adding up all the energy losses along the way, our student would have concluded that putting the generator of power (a motor) closer to the end use of the power (the wheels) would have made the most sense.  There is no free lunch, and everyone must pay the piper.  But in the beginning of the design process, high mileage wasn't the goal.  The goal originally was less overall pollution, and the emission of fewer tons of greenhouse gases.  At the time, I even questioned that goal.  While it's true that electrical power plants are cleaner than having a bunch of Honda generators running at each house, it seemed to me that the losses along the way may well have cancelled any gap between centrally generating the power, and generating it at the point of use (the car.)  Unfortunately, things have not gone well for the "environmentalists" and Gaia worshipers.  ClimateGate has blown the lid off their massive fraud, and made the whole of their program seem dodgy at best.  Of course, they haven't given up.  So, in recognition of The One's promotion of this vehicle, it should really be renamed the ObamaMobile. And it kind of fits into the overall regime, as the car that doesn't do what it was supposedly designed to do: like ObamaCare, or ObamaFinance, or the latest 

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