Wednesday, December 15, 2010

Don't Shoot the Messenger

The American Thinker today has an interesting article entitled What Wikileaks Cables Really Reveal by Vasko Kohlmayer. It's not long, so go read it.

Here is the money quote:
Last year, Human Events examined an energy report issued by the Congressional Research Service. Its conclusion: "The United States has largest energy reserves on Earth."

The data clearly show that the United States could be and should be completely energy-independent. So why are we not? Why is the world's energy-richest country the world's largest importer of energy? How have we arrived at this absurd state of affairs?
Of course, we all know the answer. Leftists, disguised as "environmentalists" have tied up these resources through regulations and laws in the name of "protecting" us, while effectively stealing our money and our freedom. The real question is why have we let them do it?

Kohlmayer is right, though.  Instead of getting mad at the Australian guy, we should turn our anger those in Government who have done this to us, and set about correcting the situation.


  1. There is a considerable 'underground' here in Alaska that's agitating to tell the east coast controllers where to put their controls, and start drilling for our own resources. The oil, gas and other natural resources in AK belong to the citizens of the state - and it's rapidly becoming a showdown over the 10th Amendment.

  2. Rev.Paul,

    Interesting. In West Virginia there is a brewing 10th Amendment issue over whether the Fed can tell the State how to manage its coal mining. In the article, they mentioned Montana' Firearms Freedom Act. At what point do you suppose that the Fed says to itself that maybe they have crossed a line, and start backing off?

    Stay warm up there,