Wednesday, December 16, 2015

Burglars for Gun Control

Over at Bizpacreview they have a humorous video called Burglars for Gun Control.of course, its a hoot. with the burglar and the narrator pretending that being a burglar is a job like any other, and they should face the possibility of an armed citizen perhaps not liking the idea of having his stuff taken, or worse.

Here's the thing: if someone is invading your home, he probably isn't there to spread good will. At the very least, he means to take from you something that you spent part of your life earning. At worst, he means to do you harm. Yes, your life is always worth more than your stuff, but that doesn't mean your stuff is nothing. "Give him what he wants" only works if what he wants is your stuff. But what if what he wants is to kill you?

Be prepared.  Be armed.

Next up is something we should all be aware of, and taking action stop, and/or be prepared to defend against when confronted.  The Red-Green Axis spells out the danger inherent in the Lefts attempt to bring thousands of unassimilable third world aliens into the country.  James Simpson explains.

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