Saturday, December 12, 2015

A True Solution to so called Gun Violence

This is painful. White House spokeshole Josh Earnest can not name one shooting that would have been foiled by proposed gun laws. So why propose them? Meanwhile, as I pointed out in "Rights and Wrongs on Guns" the answer to gun violence is in curbing violent people, not the tools they choose to use. In an article over at the American Thinker, Jeffrey T. Brown makes this point very solidly in an article today entitled Stop gun violence? Stop liberalism first. The Left wants to pretend that its just too much trouble to ask people to govern themselves, and that anyway, they have legitimate grievances that make acting out somehow "understandable." Of course, the idea that people can not control themselves in spite of grievances, both real and imagined, mostly the latter, is hogwash. Unless you have a mental defect, everyone has the ability to govern and control themselves, though that ability may have attrafied from disuse.

When malicious people do harm and then clamor for solutions to their own misdeeds, they will seek someone or something else to blame, lest their own actions and motives be accurately fixed as the cause. For the followers of a destructive ideology, it is never the defects within the ideology, or their irrational theories, or their utter failure to understand cause and effect which bring failure and violence. The fault must always lie with people or things which have absolutely nothing at all to do with the ideological and moral defects of the movement.

The left, as mostly consisting in this country of the politically liberal, vocalizes its hatred for the concept of private gun ownership in direct proportion to its increasing seizure of power. As they have enhanced their control of culture, politics, and discourse, they have similarly increased their open rejection of the right of private gun ownership. It is by no means the only right they have devalued. Speech and religion are significantly curtailed by the left, so that only approved speech, and the government-approved religion of Islam, can be openly encouraged. But gun ownership is the right they hate the most. It is the one which totalitarians always hate the most, since it is the only one that can successfully stop dictatorship. They will limit our speech, and insult our faith, and spy on us, and treat us like cattle. But private gun ownership exists to prevent total victory for tyranny.
The Left wants to confiscate the guns of the average gun owner because he, and she, represent the true threat to them taking absolute control, and absolute control is what they most desire. They don't care about the criminal and the terrorist. First of all, criminals are always a small part of the population, and in any case, they are untrustworthy so unlikely to coordinate an attack on the tyrant or his minions. As acknowledged by the gun owning community, the few guns they need can be smuggled in with whatever shipment of contraband they are also smuggling, and in any case there numbers will be too paltry to challenge the tyrant. So, if the Left succeeds in finally getting people to give up their guns, because they can not safely take them, they will have achieved the very thing they have been trying to do for a century. We can not let them.

 But, Brown also offers a solution, and it lies in a non-religious spirituality that requires each person to honestly examine himself for his part in every grievance he may have, and in every resentment he nurses along. It requires him to acknowledge that he is not in control, but that there exist a higher power that is. As a Christian, I call that power Father, for I am a child of God, but there is no requirement that you do so.  It works independent of what you choose to believe in.  But it does require  that he lets go of these grievances and resentment to that higher power, and if he has committed wrongs himself, that he attempts to make amends. A man, thus freed of his grievances and resentments can walk among the society of free men unencumbered, and make the best decisions for himself and his children. He is able to govern himself, so needs no government from another.  If one follows this spirituality in all matters, and at all times, he will find that his happiness does not depend on others, or on things, but he is content in his own skin.  That is what scares the Left, and causes them the most worry: that we will not need them. Brown again:
Physical violence is ultimately the fruit of psychological disturbance. Those who are rational, thoughtful, self-analytical, and objective rarely commit crimes of any kind, let alone those of violence. They do not hate, they do not feel entitled, they are not bitter, and they respect the lives and property of others. They recognize the necessity of laws based on wisdom and experience. They understand the need to live cooperatively in a social construct that benefits all when practiced in good faith by all. Such people, a subset of Americans identified as “conservatives”, know and appreciate the genius of our Constitution, both in what it says and in its implicit purpose to squelch the ever-present vice of those who are not content to live peacefully and on their own merit.

Liberals, however, are different. For generations now, and in growing degrees of overtness and effort, they have worked diligently to destabilize not only our society, but the people who comprise it. Theirs is an ideology of division, of anger, and ultimately of hatred. When manufactured division, unrequited bitterness and smoldering resentments have been nurtured and fed long enough, they will eventually bring violence. This pattern has repeated itself throughout history. This fruit of liberals’ labors has become increasingly clear over the last seven years, during which the gun violence about which liberals are so upset has blossomed, they assure us, into a crisis. It seems lost on them that as their views and their prescriptions for society have become increasingly prevalent, the gun violence they find so upsetting has risen proportionately to their control of the cultural narrative.
The very foundation of natural rights on which the Constitution is based is that we must be the source of our own happiness, our own liberty, and our own lives and property. The Left constantly extermalizes these concepts and, in true Opposite Day (a hat tip to David Codrea) fashion, points to people, places, and things as the source of a man's happiness. But if you are depending on others, you are building your house on quick sand, for others will always disappoint.  
For this reason, among many others, the gun is not the problem. At present, those crying the loudest for a solution have, by their complicity in an ideology, created and grown the psychosis that increasingly results in gun violence, accepting their own statistics for argument sake. If liberals want less gun violence, they should stop encouraging hatred, division and resentment. If liberals want less gun violence, they should stop banning God from a society in which gun violence was nearly nonexistent when morality counted. If liberals want less gun violence, they should admit their part in fabricating hatred on the basis of lies. However, liberals will do none of these. After generations of dishonesty, they can hardly admit that they, and not guns, are the real cause of any rise in gun violence about which they complain. It is impossible to deny that this is the society they purposefully designed. The rest of us are merely trying to survive in it. I will keep my gun, thank you.

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