Monday, December 21, 2015

Of Course Muslims and Christians Don't Worship the Same God

Michael Brown today has an excellent article over at that states the obvious, for those how open their eyes, but seems to baffle the confused. He writes that Of Course Muslims and Christians Don't Worship the Same God. it has been long obvious to me, and I have confirmed that some others think so too, but I always seem to run into people who want to believe that, because Muslims worship a single god, that it must be the same God. It never seems to occur to them that the Sikhs are also monotheistic, but are not Christian, though their religion teaches them many of the same things as Christ teaches. Christians and Sikhs can live together in harmony, but Christians and Muslims can not.

I suspect the push to convince Christians that we are all talking about the same thing is a bit of taqqiya by Muslims, hoping to get an advantage over their enemies.  Or, maybe it is a bit of projection, Muslims fearing that Christians are just like themselves.  In any case, it pains me when I hear Christians saying that all religions teach the same thing.  If you believe that, you may as well become a Sikh, for that is a central tenet of their faith.  For Christians, it is the saving Grace of Jesus Christ, and our struggle to live lives in service to Him.

Thanks to Michael Brown, the truth may reach a wider audience.

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