Thursday, December 17, 2015

Democrats Pump Up Base by Introducing an Assault Weapon Ban

Hunter Elliot on Range Hot posted news of new bill in the House of Representatives calling for a renewed "Assault Weapon Ban." The bill can be found at House Democrats Introduce Assault Weapon Ban.

As I read this, I was thinking that the Democraps...oops...Democrats didn't really expect anything to come of this, for all the reasons we have droned on about since the last one expired, namely that the Second Amendment is not about hunting, but in any case, these rifles are used for a number of sporting purposes. It is also a proven fact that the crime rate would be reduced by a de minimus amount in any case because these weapons are not used in crime. Interestingly, for the breathless comments made by various Dems introducing the bills, one has to wonder who are the paranoid ones? The accuse us of being paranoid about the ever tightening of the jack boot, but then they talk constantly about how these are weapons of war. Are they worried about civil war? Now, why would that be?

Hunter specifically mentions a poison pill included in the bill that I found interesting.  Right now, the way the National Instant Background Check System (NICS) works is that if it doesn't come back with an approval within three days, the purchase is approved anyway and the dealer can sell you the gun.  Under this bill, if approval doesn't come back within three days, it becomes an automatic disapproval.  Thus, if the government wanted to shut down gun purchases in the U.S., all they would need to do is shut down the NICS.  wouldn't that be great?

Look, I know this bill is designed to pump up the base ahead of the primaries in February.  But what does that say about their base?  What does it say about these politicians?

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