Saturday, March 26, 2016

Happy Easter

Jerry Newcombe has an article over at entitled On the Resurrection...Just the Facts, Ma'am making the case, in a short article, for the fact of Jesus' death and resurrection. It is sort of a very short version Lee Strobel's book A Case for Christ, which I recommend highly. Living in American society today, one can even believe that the facts, as outlined in Newcombe's article are true, and not "get" why these facts are of earth shattering importance. If the average person today was to put the things he is most concerned about in order, Jesus death and resurrection would not even make the list. Yet, it is the most important thing ever done, and it was done by God, because man could not do it for himself.  Indeed, God so wanted us to know the truth, that he spent thousands of years telling us that the Christ was coming, and after He had done his work, wanted us to know what He had done and why.  For a good book telling that story, I suggest The Emmaus Code by David Limbaugh.

Easter, celebrating the resurrection of the Christ is the most important holiday in the Christian calendar.  Everything leading up to that moment was important for God to be able to reconcile a sinful world to Himself.  It was only by the sacrifice of a perfect man, the spilling of his blood, that man's sins could be forgiven.  And only God Himself could serve as the "perfect man."  So, God determined to enter His creation, become flesh and blood, live a perfect life, be executed, only to rise again, triumphant.

Jesus died on that cross to save the world from itself.  Today we celebrate the living God.  Christ Died, Christ is risen.  He is risen indeed!

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